Which Domain Is Best For Website In Pakistan?

If you live in Pakistan, you may have usually noticed websites with the .pk name. In this blog post, we will deeply explain the .pk extension, what a .pk domain is, how you can buy it, and whether you need buy it or not. We will also discuss other extensions.

Whether you live in Pakistan or anywhere in the world, selecting the right domain for your website is compulsory. Your domain is the identification of your site and business. People will acknowledge your business by this name. Whether you’re starting a small blog or a branded website, choosing a domain should be done thoughtfully.

What is a .Pk domain and when should it be used?

The .pk domain is a country-level domain and is specifically used in Pakistan. Ranking it at the country level tends to be easier. The yearly price for a .pk domain is PKR 1600. You might have usually visited websites with domain names like .uk, .us, or .in because such extensions are used country-wise. .uk is especially for the United Kingdom, .us for America, and .in is used in India.

If you’re looking to start a local business, then country-level domain is the best option. This is because they can easily rank within a specific country. And they play a very important role in SEO.

If you live in Pakistan and want to conduct your business there but end up buying a .com domain, then ranking it might be slightly more hard compared to a .pk domain. Although ranking a .pk on a country level is very easy. So selecting a country-level domain extension for the country where you want to conduct your business would be the right decision.

How and where to buy a .pk domain

In Pakistan, multitudinous companies are selling .pk domains, but I will tell you where you should buy a .pk domain from. I purchased a .pk domain for my client from some websites and faced several problems, which I’ll also share. Always buy a .pk domain from the PKNIC website because that is the official website.

Other websites offering .pk domains also purchase them from PKNIC to sell to you. Now, let’s talk about the problems. If you buy a .pk domain from a third-party website other than PKNIC, then you won’t be able to change the nameservers at your will. Whenever you need to change the nameservers, you will have to contact the support team, and they will make the changes for you. That’s why I said always buy a .pk domain directly from PKNIC because it is the official website.

To buy a domain from PKNIC, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the PKNIC website
  • Create your account first
  • Complete your profile
  • Add a payment method
  • Deposit balance
  • Search for a domain
  • Select a domain
  • Click on buy now to make the purchase

After buying a domain, it will be added in your products shortly. Now, you can connect your domain with any hosting to create a website. If you need a website developer, contact us. We have developed lots of websites.

Multitudinous clients have left reviews on Google that you can check. WP Khurram is an expert in creating all types of websites and also offers services for Google ads, Facebook ads, and SEO.

Do Domains Cost Monthly?

No, domains can only be purchased on an annual basis. You can purchase a domain for a minimum of one year. Whenever you buy a domain, try to purchase it for one or five years.

You can purchase hosting on a monthly basis, but once you purchase hosting from a company, you also win a free domain, which is for one year. Hosting is very expensive on a monthly basis. In case you’re considering to buy hosting, try to buy it for 5 years because the longer the duration you purchase for, the more discount you will get.

Therefore, it’s advisable to buy your domain from a local company but purchase hosting from an international company like HostingerBlueHost, or Cloudways. Only for a PK domain should you consider buying from a local company.

How Much Does A Domain Cost In Pakistan?

If you choose for a Pakistani domain extension, such as .pk, then you will have to pay PKR 1600 for one year. However, as I’ve mentioned before, .pk domains can only be purchased for a minimum of two years, which means the total cost would be PKR 3200. The .pk domain is not overly costly, so it’s advisable to consider buying it, and avoid purchasing from third-party domain providers other than PKNIC.

This is because they too acquire the .pk domains from PKNIC to resell to you. When you buy a .pk domain, there might be a little delay before the domain is actually registered to you. As soon as your domain is registered, you will also receive a confirmation email from the company.


Now, choosing a domain for creating a website in Pakistan won’t be difficult for you because we have already informed you about which domain is the best for creating websites in Pakistan. If you only intend to conduct your business in Pakistan, then the .pk domain is the best option for you because it is a country-level domain, and it becomes quite easy to rank your website in Pakistan with a .pk domain. Buy the .pk domain from the PKNIC website and do not purchase it from any other site because PKNIC is the official website where all domain providers buy the .pk domain to resell.

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