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Clients often ask me about the cost of Google Ads in Pakistan, and people also search this question on Google. In this post, we will provide a complete guide on the cost of Google Ads in Pakistan.

Because I am a Google Ads expert, I will share my personal experience with you. We have many customers whose ads we run on Google. We have quite a good experience with the CPC in Pakistan.

How does Google charge?

Firstly, let’s discuss how Google charges for advertising. When we create and run a campaign on Google, it employs several methods for charging. These include charges per click, per impression, and so on.

How much cost google ads in Pakistan

The cost per click (CPC) rate varies for each keyword. For example, if you create a campaign for packers and movers and run it in the search results, the cost will be almost PKR 250.

However, if you’re running shopping ads and spreading the campaign across various platforms, including third-party sites, then the cost per click for Google Ads will be approximately PKR 10. Ads that are run on Google searches tend to have a significantly higher cost. In contrast, display ads generally have a much lower CPC.

If you run an ad for an AC technician in the search, the CPC will be PKR 200. The costs I’m sharing with you are based on my personal experience, as I run ads in these categories and have a good knowledge of them.

This also depends on how many other companies are placing ads on the same keyword. If there are more people running ads on that keyword, then the CPC can become higher. The reason behind this is that advertisers are determined to have their ads displayed at the top under any circumstances because everyone is aiming to maximize their business.

Therefore, everyone increases their CPC budget to run their ads, leading to higher CPC costs due to this competition.

If your ad is of high quality and satisfies what the user is searching for—in simpler terms, if the user doesn’t feel the need to look at another ad after seeing yours—then the cost of your ads could be lower, and your ad might spend more time in the top position. This is because Google places a high priority on ad quality.

The cost of Google Ads also depends on the location of the audience you are targeting. For instance, if you are targeting the entire country, then the cost may be lower compared to targeting a specific city or area, where the ad cost could be higher. The cost of Google Ads is influenced by numerous factors, including the location targeting chosen by the advertiser.

How can I pay Google Ads in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there’s only one method to pay for Google Ads, and that’s through a Visa or MasterCard. No other payment method is available. If you are from the USA, UK, or UAE, then you can directly attach your bank account.

But in Pakistan, other than payment through card, there isn’t any option available. Also, digital services in Pakistan are quite limited. Neither PayPal nor Stripe is available to easily integrate a payment gateway on websites.

Can I withdraw money from Google Ads?

The only way to withdraw money from Google Ads is to deactivate your account. Once the account is deactivated, Google Ads will transfer your money to your bank account within a week.

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