How to Use Your Ruimen D1 Smartwatch Like a Pro

Using normal watches was quite easy, but now smartwatches have replaced them. And using smartwatches is a bit difficult. In this post, I will explain the complete method to use the Ruimen D1 Smartwatch. How to charge it, set the time, set alarms, etc.

To use the Ruimen D1 smartwatch at a pro level, it is very important to understand its features. Once you master the features of this watch, you can make your life smarter. For example, if you are riding a bike, you can receive instant calls. During exercise, you can track your health. So, understanding the features of this watch is very important. And I will explain all the features of this watch to you in detail.

Ruimen D1 Smartwatch Initial Setup And Features

After unboxing the Ruimen D1, some setup steps should be done immediately. My advice is to fully charge the watch after taking it out of the box, and once it is fully charged, power it on. To power on the Ruimen D1, press and hold the button on the right side for a few seconds until the watch turns on.

Now I will tell you about the features of the Ruimen D1 smart watch so that you can make the most out of it. Although this watch has many features, if I start explaining all of them, this article will become quite lengthy and difficult to read. The Ruimen D1 smart watch has Bluetooth, which allows you to connect your watch to your mobile.

Due to the presence of Bluetooth in the Ruimen D1 Watch, many additional features are connected to it. For example, once you connect your watch to your mobile, you will be able to receive all your calls and messages directly on your watch. This means that the option to receive and reply to phone calls and messages is also provided in this watch. More importantly, this watch is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

This watch is fully touchscreen, with a screen size of 1.85 inches. It features over 100 sports trackers, which can help you perform excellently in sports. Also, the watch has a heart rate monitoring feature, allowing you to monitor your heart rate periodically while exercising. Other than, this watch is completely waterproof, so you can take a bath or enjoy the rain wearing it without any worries. Being waterproof ensures your money isn’t wasted.

With the Ruimen D1 Watch, you can also keep track of the weather and control the music playing on your mobile phone. For example, if you’re listening to music on your mobile, you can control it using this watch. It also includes features such as a calculator, stopwatch, and voice assistant.

How to Charge Ruimen D1 Smartwatch

Charging the Ruimen D1 Watch is very easy. When you take the watch out of the box, you will also find a magnetic charging cable that you can use to charge your watch. Connect one end of the cable to a mobile adapter and attach the other end to the charging spot on the back side of the watch. This way, you can charge your watch.

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The advantage of the magnetic cable is that if the cable or watch is touched during charging, or the watch moves, or if it moves due to a gust of wind, the charging will not stop. Your watch will continue to charge uninterrupted.

How to Connect Ruimen D1 Smartwatch to Phone

To connect the Ruimen D1 smart watch to your mobile, install the GloryFit app. If you have an Android phone, install it from the Google Play Store, and if you have an iPhone, then install it from the Apple Store. Turn on the Bluetooth on the Ruimen D1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile. Find the new device and select your device to connect.

Once you connect your watch with your mobile, you can view all tasks on your mobile screen. For example, your heart rate, weather updates, etc.

How to Increase Battery Life Off The Ruimen D1 Smart Watch

Ruimen claims that the watch’s battery life lasts 4 days, but let me tell you that its actual battery life is 24 hours. If you want to extend the battery life, I can suggest some settings that, once applied, can increase the battery life of the Ruimen D1 Watch by approximately 40%. In terms of price, the Ruimen D1 Watch offers a lot of features.

But still, you can’t get everything perfect at such a low price. To extend the battery life, turn off all unnecessary apps. For example, when you sleep at night, there is no need to keep the watch connected to your phone, so turn off the Bluetooth on your watch and disconnect it from your phone. Dim the brightness of the watch when you sleep, turn off the heart rate monitoring feature, and turn off the weather update feature. My advice is to keep only the alarm and time features on and turn off all other features.

Turn off any functions that won’t be needed for a while throughout the day, and most all, charge the device as soon as the battery reaches 20%. In this way, you can increase your watch’s battery life by approximately 40%.

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